Mobile Financial Services

Mobile Operators that offer financial services have up to 30% less churn

Payments between subscribers

Our goal is to give our customers the peace of mind of ensured financial compliance

International money remittance

Subscribers may send funds abroad by phone number, or receive incoming transfers

Direct carrier billing payments

Subscribers will be able to pay with their phone balance or bill for goods and services

Microinsurance and handset insurance

Periodic payments from the mobile money balance

What are mobile financial services?

Mobile operators are uniquely positioned to offer financial services. They have it all that takes to make people trust them with their money. Their own business opportunity is significant, too: according to the GSMA data shows that that operators who offer mobile financial services, have up to 30% less churn. Our own experience demonstrates a 15-30% churn decrease, depending on the market. Also, subscribers who use mobile financial services generate up to 30% more revenue.

Standard user interfaces

Licences and consulting

In many cases, these services require a government license for financial services provision. Wherever the law permits it, we’ll arrange a possibility to work under ours or our partner’s licence. Where a separate license is needed, our experts will guide you through every step of the process.



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Mobile Operators that offer financial services have up to 30% less churn

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