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POS-based Financial Services

Now, your store can be your consumers' bank, too

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  • mobile-payment

    Bill Payment

    Allow consumers to safely pay their bills and taxes in your retail points, both with cash, cards, or e-Wallets.

  • money-transfer

    Money Transfers

    Attract immigrant workers with a possibility to send money to their families from one of your retail locations.

  • loan


    Get a share of the lucrative microloans market, providing loans to vetted and screened customers.

  • cash at POS

    Cash withdrawal and deposits at POS

    Lower your cash-handling costs by allowing cash withdrawal in your retail points.

Brick-and-mortar retailers are much closer to the final consumer than any bank will ever be. Banks keep closing down branches and shutting down ATMs. In some places, on the contrary, banks cannot yet arrive at all the places they are needed.

This is an opportunity for retailers to become providers of financial services. Simply speaking, IPSP Digital Financial Service technology helps a corner-shop or a gas station to offer the most common services of a bank branch, or a money remittance point.

This means more visitors and more revenue.

Licences and consulting

In many cases, these services require a government license. Wherever possible, we’ll arrange a possibility to work under ours or our partner’s licence (so you can operate as before). Where a separate license is needed, our experts will guide you through every step of the process.


  • IPSP POS-terminal
  • IPSP must be your acquiring partner

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